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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Best Diet Ever!


Portion control and calorie counting are the keys to losing weight and keeping it off. That's still true, but it's so darn, oh, I don't know...not sexy. People want magical, fat-melting foods or one simple rule to follow that guarantees fat losing success. What is The Secret?! Well, I can tell you it is not sitting on your butt, meditating over a box of Ho-Ho's hoping that the universe will deliver you from your flabby self. Crazy, fad diets are the rule of the day. "Lose weight? Son, what you need is a lemonade, cayenne pepper, and ground up rhino testicle cocktail." Or it's some new miracle drug taking the country by storm, like alli. Oh, yeah, and that diaper you've got to wear to protect you from the, ahem, treatment effects, "You are WORKING IT, BABE!"

In the upcoming days and weeks, I'll be writing posts that contain the most time-tested, effective techniques for eating healthier and losing weight. Don't expect flashy headlines, or celebrity endorsed magical thinking, but you can expect simple rules that will lead to a sustainable weight loss.

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Joey said...

You could probably sell that concoction you mentioned. I agree with the calorie counting and portion control. Both of which are two of my achilles heels.

Fit Club Scott said...

Doh! I let world in on my secret before I've got the distribution channels set up.

Just know that when you see Paris Hilton hawking it as the next big thing, the idea was mine!

Seriously, thanks for stopping by.