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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Have a fitness or weight loss goal? Change is required.


photo by tw collins

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...and I don't mean the rattling stuff in your pocket, either. Any endeavor in life that differs from the status quo, by definition, is going to require you to make a decision to do something differently, and here's the important part: Start doing it.

It's easy to tell yourself that you'll start eating better, tomorrow, or start exercising, tomorrow. But exercising today, that's hard. Not eating that piece of birthday cake that's calling your name from the office lounge...that's hard. If you continue doing the same things that you've always done, can you expect to have a different result?

Many well-meaning people spend billions of dollars each year on the latest fad weight loss Ab-o-matic devices and weight loss pills, all in an attempt to avoid making the lifestyle changes that lead to long-term weight loss. Is it because people really don't want to lose the weight? Is it because they lack the will power to do it the right way? Are they lazy? Of course not.

Human nature is such that we are resistant to changes, even small ones, and switching from a lifestyle that led to a 50 pound weight gain to one that is going to bring about healthy weight loss is a scary proposition. Fear of failure hangs like an albatross on those who have not been successful in the past. On average, it takes seven attempts to make a long-term change in your life, so don't think of those previous attempts as failures, but small steps toward eventual success.

Embrace the changes that will lead you to a healthy lifestyle and MAKE...THOSE...CHANGES.

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