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Friday, November 16, 2007

Pimp Your Ride


photo by uncle su

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I consider myself pretty fit right now, but I've also been a fat slug in the past. Lots of people look at me with sorrow because I eat healthy and don't eat very much junk food. "Oh, Scott, poor thing, won't even allow himself to have a single dessert. That's no way to live." The irony is that during my fat slug period, I did eat whatever I wanted...with unabashed abandon. I frequented restaurants and loaded up on desserts of all kinds. As a result, I felt terrible. And I don't mean terrible in some Freudian guilt complex sort of way, I mean terrible as in lack of energy and lethargy. Feeling terrible was the norm.

Well, I had a epiphany and started exercising and eating healthier. I haven't looked back since and as a result, I feel better all the time. I do occasionally indulge in junk food, but the negative effects are even more pronounced. So the benefits of those fat-laden, sugary morsels are now outweighed by the costs...and I like it that way. Here is an analogy that I like about our bodies and the food that we eat.

If you drive a Yugo, you won't be able to tell the difference between regular fuel and premium fuel, either one means crappy performance because you've got a crappy car. If you drive a Corvette, premium fuel means better performance you can feel.

Do yourself a favor, upgrade your body to a "better" model through a better diet and exercise. You've got to pimp your ride.

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