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Friday, January 11, 2008

Proximity Snacking


photo by lividfiction

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Believe it or not there have been actual studies that test whether having food close to you increases the chances that you will eat it. Um...DUH! In related news, smoking pot has been conclusively connected to getting high. Wow, that's profound! I can't believe tax dollars were spent on this, but since the money is already spent and the research is done, we might as well get some benefit from it. The study followed groups of secretaries who had candy dishes placed at different distances on their desk and on nearby shelves. The candy dishes that were physically located the closest to the workers got the most visits. I don't know that this is earth shattering news to anyone, but most people wouldn't think twice about taking a candy or two (or ten) during the course of a day.

So you think that a single Hershey's kiss each day doesn't matter? Well, one kiss contains approximately 26 calories. Over the course of one year, eating only one per day, will result in a weight gain of 1.9 pounds.

Get the jar of candy off of your desk!

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