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Monday, January 7, 2008

What to look for in a workout partner?


photo by sirwiseowl

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A workout partner can be a great motivating factor to continuing exercise. Whether you are a runner or workout in a gym, knowing that someone else will be there waiting for you can be a great motivator when you just can't seem to get moving.

Similar schedule - A good workout partner must be available to workout at your selected time. Always fighting to try and meet up for a workout is just another barrier to getting to the gym. It's far simpler to try to find someone whose schedule fits yours.

Reliability - It goes without saying that reliability is essential in a workout partner. Someone who misses more workouts than you won't exactly be a great motivator to get out the door.

Personality - The perfect workout partner for the mild-mannered cubicle dweller may not be the clown pants wearing, do rag loving, obscenity screaming muscle guy. Try to find someone who matches you workout style, whatever that may be...unless your workout style is 5 minutes of reading a magazine while sitting on the recumbant bike followed by a trip to Cold Stone Creamery to reward yourself. If that's the case, maybe you could use a few workouts with do rag guy.

Similar goals - It is easier to make progress if you have someone to workout with who is trying to achieve similar goals. A runner who lifts weights occasionally probably would not be a good workout partner for a powerlifter interested in deadlifting at his/her maximum capacity.

Similar fitness level - While not a necessity, similar fitness level will allow workout partners to push each other, but not overdo it.

Take my advice...if you find someone who meets all of these criteria, hang on to them for as long as you can. A great workout partner is priceless.

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